Nikki & Jason || 03.05.16

Nikki and Jason’s wedding was my first of the 2016 season, and it was the best wedding to kick it all off!  I had perviously had an engagement session with this couple and was so excited for their wedding.  Nikki’s attention to detail was magnificent, from their invitations, down to the matching bridal party nails!! As some of you may know I LOVE details so Nikki is this photographers dream!

Their wedding took place at The Manor in West Orange, NJ. The beautiful grounds contributed to the amazing portrait session, the last 10 mins the sunset and sky turned orange and we were able to get some amazing shots using natural light the whole day! All these candid moments are some of the best, Nikki and Jason were just so fun to shoot! : ) It was a great day, from the first look down to the beautifully decorated reception done by Floral Sentiments. It really was picture perfect. ; )  Take a look! ||  x A


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