#TBT Kaile & Jorge || 12.19.15

Now I didn’t shoot all of Kaile and Jorge’s wedding, I was actually a bridesmaid! That being  said I couldn’t help but shoot as much as I could. You may be asking yourself, ” You were in this wedding? Why didn’t you just put down the camera and enjoy it?” Well, I did! As a wedding photographer I love being at any and all weddings! This one was a little more special for me because two of my best friends were getting married, but I love shooting weddings and have the most fun at a wedding when I can capture it! If I could have taken pictures at my own wedding I would have… If my husband would have let me I would have gotten married with a camera around my neck!! : )

I have had many friends tell me, “I want you to be a guest and have fun!” – but the reality is, I have the most fun when I have a camera! After spending many months helping Kaile plan and talking all things wedding I couldn’t help but pick up my camera and capture a little bit of everything I could! Even when I couldn’t, I was making suggestions to their photographer on shots to take… I AM a wedding photographers worst nightmare to have in a wedding party or at a wedding! I’m always looking for the best shots, and looking for the most creative shots!

Needless to say, I had the best time at Kaile and Jorge’s wedding! The beautiful location at The One and Only in the Bahamas, the amazing atmosphere of the Cloisters ceremony, and the perfect planning by Brilliant Event Planning made for a magical evening! It was a great evening with amazing friends and family, take a look at what I was able to capture of Kaile and Jorge’s special day! Talk soon! || x A

PS. Stay tuned tomorrow for my best friends wedding… No, not the movie! I shot one of my best friends weddings, I was a blubbering mess half the time but it was seriously one of the most fun couple portrait sessions I’ve ever had!

You can check out a sneak peek of more of her wedding shot by Mark De Cunha here.


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