Work Day || Stay Tuned

This weekend was a weekend off for me… Those are few and far between! (ask my husband, I work on all holidays : ) – including Valentines Day!) But, when they do come around I choose to do some major organizing, brainstorming, and a little R&R with the husband – which included taking in a night market, which was delicious!  Due to weather problems on Sunday I had to reschedule an engagement shoot. But, no worries because the reshoot date is at the end of this month and it will be much warmer!!

Now, being a wedding photographer is the best job in the world – in my opinion : )!!  And, while most days I am out and about shooting the most special of moments. Other days I am sitting in my office (technically my living room) editing, designing, and coming up with new and improved ideas to add to my clients memories!  Today is one of those days, since the weekend was filled with adulting : | the week is filled with business things instead of fun wedding things!  This week, i’ll be catching up on things I’ve been meaning to do… business cards, sample albums, and to make things interesting on the blog some throw backs!! Which brings me to a little sneak peek of Petar and Prince’s engagement shoot around Lincoln Center.

_X7A4683I chose these two because we had so much fun walking around Lincoln center and even made our way to a bar for a cheeky cocktail and chat that made for some fun shots. With their wedding approaching in October, I thought it was fitting to include them in this weeks throw backs. So until tomorrow, stay tuned for all the highlights from there engagement shoot! Talk soon! || x A

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