Christine & Scott || 03.10.18

This year couldn’t be starting any better! Christine & Scott’s Dumbo Loft wedding was spectacular!! When I met these two I knew I was going to be in for a fun day, and the love these two share was even more radiant when they were surrounded by all their family and friends!! I love how they included so many personal touches with photographs of family and friends all around, a specialized menu with their favorite foods, florals and decor that made the room feel so romantic and cozy at the same time, and an energy from everyone that made the reception a non-stop dance party!! Take a look at their wedding day highlights to see what I mean! || x A



Also, a huge shout out to Robert & Michael to which I wouldn’t be gushing over Christine & Scott with out them. Their 2016 wedding was unforgettable and it was so great to see them again! : ) #ilovemyclients


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