Inspiration || Bouquet


As a photographer I draw a lot of inspiration from bouquets. Photographing the many beautiful bouquets on their own could tell a story of your wedding day in that one single shot, from the colors of your wedding, to the style, to a hint of the other details involved in your special day. Not only does your bouquet tell a story about your wedding, it adds a fun flare to your photos. Using them as the subject of a photo, the background to highlight your jewelry or shoes, or in the foreground to add to the dramatics of any shot. Take for example this fun shot, where the bouquets became the subject by hiding the bridal parties faces.


The historic traditional reason brides carried bouquets was to ward off evil entering your relationship, as well as symbolizing unity, fertility, and luck for the beginning of your union. As some of these traditions may still play a role in brides bouquets today, many use the bouquet and floral arrangements to decorate, celebrate and unite the theme of their wedding.  Brides are also getting creative by saying “buh, bye” to flowers and opting to go for something a little less traditional. Some brides have started using paper from their favorite books to make paper flowers, or brooches to fill up a bouquet. Traditional or not, the bouquet has not only become an accessory it has become a necessity to show off the brides style and wedding details. I for one can’t get enough, and continue to find different ways to photograph and use them! Talk soon! || x A

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