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Not only will you find updates on current weddings, engagement shoots, and inspiration, I’ll also be giving advice from a photographers perspective! ‘Top tips’ will be similar to frequently asked questions and how I like to approach them in terms of your wedding day. Everybody’s wedding is different but hopefully the following ‘tips’ will help you decide what you need and how to help your photographer get the best shot! : )

The first ‘top tips’ will be about ‘getting ready’ shots, a lot of brides base their timeline off the reception and want their photographer to the very end. I would recommend the opposite, during ‘getting ready’ shots your photographer will be able to get all of your bridal outfit details, hair and makeup shots, bridal party interaction, bride and groom gift exchange, putting on your dress, and interaction with family. Below are some examples and ‘top tips’ on preparing for ‘getting ready’ shots.


  • A lot of brides have mentioned to me that they don’t need ‘getting ready’ shots, or that it would “be weird”, my approach is to be more of a fly on the wall and just document what’s going on and not force any shots your not comfortable with. Always just talk to your photographer, tell them what you are comfortable with or not. As a photographer I have heard it all, so you won’t offend me. : ) I want all my clients to be as comfortable with the picture I’m taking as they are letting me know what they want. Every photographer has something different, don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • If you want pictures of both the bride and groom getting ready plan accordingly. Either allow enough travel time and scheduled time to let the photographer get to the bride and groom, or get ready in the same location. Your bridal party as well as my self with make sure you don’t see each other! : )

  • Think about where you are getting ready.  Although a photographer can make beautiful images anywhere, to give the pictures that extra something special think about the background and the available light. Bridal suites or hotel rooms are often the most equipped.
  • Natural light is also best, get ready in the brightest room available.


  • Make sure the room is tidy, or keep the room tidy as the day progresses. Often I give bridesmaids some heads up to clean up, but it will save time if you keep up with it through out the morning. You don’t want any trash in the back of your photos…
  • Think about what you will be wearing while you’re getting ready. Did your bridesmaid get you something special for your bridal shower? Did you get your bridesmaids a robe for a bridesmaids gift? Even matching PJ’s is a great idea. But, most importantly be comfortable!

  • Have all your details ready for your photographer. Shoes, dress, jewelry, garter, wedding invitation, family heirlooms, gifts from parents or groom. If you have these ready photographers can work with out disturbing the hair and makeup process. Grooms, have cuff links, tie, bow tie, shoes, socks, any gifts from bride.


  • Having your family around is always great too, especially the people closest to you. Think about the person you want helping you in your dress, or tying your tie, most importantly it’s fun to get those special peoples reactions to you being all dolled up!


  • Most importantly just be you and have fun. Like I mentioned above every photographer has their way of doing things, talk to them ask questions and don’t be afraid to say what you do and don’t want. Mainly my goal as a photographer is to capture and document those candid moments with your friends and family!

‘Getting ready’ photos are some of my favorites, and it’s a good time for everyone to warm up to having a camera in your face all day. ; ) Stay tuned for more ‘top tips’ from me on first look vs. ceremony, scheduling your wedding day, and much more! Talk soon! || x A




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